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Rhonda Gold and Michael Small's  lives were easily connected . . . "our common interest in dogs brought us together."  Between us, we have loved and been owned by several breeds including a Beagle, Afghans, Salukis, Greyhounds, and Whippets. Our household today includes Greyhounds and Whippets at ARTEMIS Ridge in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.


First and foremost, every dog is our lifetime companion and is fully integrated into our family. Most weekends are spent walking in the woods with our pack, enjoying dog shows, field trials, and/or race meets, or visiting local residents in a nearby nursing care facility. We believe sighthounds  are versatile and we support activities that promote sound body, mind, and temperament in our dogs.



Michael can often be found on a field, judging AKC or ASFA lure coursing field trial events. We continue to marvel at the beauty, athleticism, and sheer single-minded focus of sighthounds when they break from the race box or hear the words, 'tally ho', taking off in full flight chasing after the bunny.

Rhonda enjoys continually learning from whippet mentors and friends and strives to help others successfully prepare their hounds for all venues of sport. Rhonda is an AKC lure coursing judge and has judged several AKC supported entry whippet sweepstakes. She has owner handled her whippets and competed in conformation, obedience, agility, racing and field trials, openly sharing her experiences with others. 

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