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Breeders: Tapestry Whippets
Heather & Grace Larsen

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Cardiac OFA Normal, CERF Normal, BAER Normal

(DC Snow Hill Copperline MC, FCh x Ch Emerald Stella by Starlight)

We admire Violette’s sire Jay (Russell x Sarah) and her dam, Stella (Gleason x Nicole). Jay has such a sweet loving temperament and he has always been such a gentleman whenever he visits Artemis. Jay is a versatile whippet proving his virtues in the ring with Multi- BOB and Group placements as well as on the field. Stella and Amelia shared many purple and purple and white ribbons in the show ring as friendly competitors for those much sought after majors and final singles. Stella is a beautiful balanced bitch with gorgeous expression and sound movement and is also a Multi- BOB and Group placer. We look forward to sharing Tapestry’s Spun Silk at Artemis  aka ‘Violette’ with the fancy.



Hound Group 4 at her first dog show at 6 months

Breeders: Chris Durance & Crystal McNulty

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(click on photo for pedigree)
Cardiac OFA Normal, CERF Normal, BAER Normal

DC, Cherche’ Afterglow at Artemis, SC, DPC, PR, KPet Partners
(Multi-SBIS Can & NZ Ch Martinique Rodeo Dancer (imp Australia)  x  2XNSBIS NSBOS Multi-SBIS Ch Whippletrees Icy Affire JC, FCh, ROM)

Sharon Kirley (Whippletree Whippets) played an important part in our lives. Not only did she entrust us with Snickers, she introduced us to others who shared her vision and her appreciation and love of our breed. In 1997 at the AWC National Specialty in Atlanta, Georgia, Rhonda was first introduced to Chris and Glenda Durance (Cherche’ Whippets). Together, they have been significant mentors, valued friends, and supportive in every way imaginable.

Having admired Thelma for many years it had been our dream to continue on with the bloodlines that Sharon had achieved through her breeding program. We have been blessed by friendships and by the joy and pleasure we have received from our four-legged companions. We were fortunate to be touched yet again, when Amelia took our lives by storm and captured our hearts!

Our special “rose” is very much a part of the day-to-day folly at Artemis. We look forward to many tales and adventures. Special thanks to breeders Chris and Crystal (Hycks Hollow Whippets)!



AWC 2001 Lure Coursing Class Dallas, Texas

Breeders: Rhonda Gold & Patience Renzulli

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(click on photo for pedigree)

(Multi-BIF, NSBIF DC Warburton Duke Whittington MC, CD, LCM, CGC, TDI, CAV x Snickers)

Giacomino and Snickers were betrothed in 1998 in San Diego, California after their Best in Field and Triathlon AWC National wins. One of the “James Taylor Tunes” (TA- Taylor JA- James), TAJA was hand picked by our eldest son as his favorite “speckled” tune in the litter. The tunes proved their versatility following in their sire and dam’s paw prints. TAJA easily wrapped up her ASFA FCh in 4 trials with 3 Best of Breed wins. Today, TAJA can most often be found lounging in the sunniest spot in the house or visiting the residents of our local long-term care facility.



2004 UCBSC ASFA Grand Prix Fantasy Challenge Cup Winner

Breeders: Debbie Butt & Dr. Elizabeth Hanson


(Ch Sobers Corrado x Ch Sobers Zanthea)

You can sometimes hear the baying hounds at Artemis Ridge. Maggie is the chorus leader and conductor bringing together perfect harmony from a cacophony of howlish sounds!  A beautiful show dog, she much preferred to watch ringside.  Maggie enjoyed lure coursing with her sister Fergie and was  an intense focused competitor in her youth. Having been sided enough times to prefer to run it alone, she now enjoys playing with her buddy, Amelia, in the winter snow.


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