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We have been active in pet assisted therapy since 2001 visiting children and senior residents in local facilities, nursing homes, and libraries.  Our work is inspired by Willow and her partner, Linda Solano. They encouraged us to learn more about volunteer services and animal-assisted activities that promote health and wellbeing.

Our pet partners over the years have all completed obedience classes and have passed national or local pet assisted therapy evaluations. We are proud of Snickers, Fergie, TAJA, and Amelia for their work as therapy dogs. It is amazing to participate in the “human-animal connection”.  Our work brings much joy and happiness to the elderly who often receive little in the way of cognitive and tactile stimulation. We are rewarded by the many smiles and the fond memories that the seniors share of childhoods past. We feel blessed and enriched by touching and connecting with others through our dogs. 

In 2006, Snickers and TAJA along with their Delta Pet Partners received the American Whippet Club’s Willow Award at the AWC National in Boston, MA.  The AWC presents this annual award to a therapy whippet in recognition of working therapy dogs. Because Snickers and TAJA (mother and daughter) visited together with each of their partners, they both received the coveted Willow award. The award is named after FC Warburton Song Sung Blue CGC, CD, TT, FCh, CR, TRP, DTD Complex. Willow is the only whippet to receive the AKC’s Award of Canine Excellence in the Therapy Division.

Willow and LindaLinda and Willow

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