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Going to the Dogs

Over the past years, many friends and breeders have mentored and encouraged us along the way. None have touched our lives as profoundly as Pamela, Jill, and Roger Caras and their dogs at Thistlehill Farm. The Caras household has included many rescues and purebreds, including a Whippet and several Greyhounds. Topi, Roger’s devoted one-man-whippet readily won over our hearts. With very little coaxing, we were convinced that a Whippet was the perfect breed for our young family.

The original plan was to locate an adult Whippet who needed to be re-homed.  We found a family looking to place their whippet, Haley.  The family was moving into an apt.  Just days before Haley was to arrive, we received a call . . . Haley's family was able to postpone the move.  Disappointed by the news, we continued our search.  On a recommendation from a friend of Roger’s, we contacted Sharon Kirley of Whippletree Whippets. Of course our boys thought it would be great fun to raise a puppy and we begrudgingly inquired about whether Sharon might have a litter planned and the possibility of a “red stripped puppy”.

In October 1994, Sharon excitedly contacted us to report that Snickers had arrived. Her sire, Ch Carbeth Louie Louie, Fch, SC and her dam, Ch Whippletree S M Whimsy, ROM produced one red brindle bitch in the litter! Not in a million years could anyone have predicted that Snickers would be the dog who would lead her novice owner every step of the way. She was to be our first lifetime family companion…a whippet extraordinaire.

Roger A. Caras’  final  book,  Going  for  the Blue: Inside the World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows featured Snickers and Rhonda

(click on the ribbon to follow link to Amazon to purchase, "Going for the Blue"  by Roger A. Caras)

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